Xenia Benivolski and Danielle St. Amour are Videofag's 'Curators-in-Residence' this July, 2014. They're presenting a series 'How To Live Together', featuring events by Jacob Wren and Jonathan Adjemian, among others.





Jonathan Adjemian's "School" involves discussions in philosophy and theory for those with all and any background


First session: "Thinking and Making: or, who needs concepts?"

Sunday afternoons in July at Videofag, 187 Augusta Ave.

pwyc donations to the space

email jadjemian@gmail.com for the first reading and further details. 


The idea behind "School" is to host short, semi-structured series ofgroup sessions to discuss topics in theory and philosophy. Each series will be designed and led by someone with formal academic training (doctoral level); the format will be somewhere between a seminar and an informal reading group. 





JULY 29 - 3, 2014


A new performance by RM Vaughan

July 29, 2014 6:44pm to 8:44pm

July 30, 2014 6:43pm to 8:43pm

July 31, 2014 6:42 pm to 8:42pm


Admission Free


Super-Diviner is an experiment.


Toronto multi-media artist RM Vaughan has been reading Tarot cards and participating in occult rituals since his early teens.


Now he wants to know: Is he actually psychic?


Super-Diviner seeks to both re-arrange and undermine traditional systems of divinatory revelation (aka "fortune telling"), by disrupting the format of the familiar, one-on-one/single-signifier-deck Tarot reading. And, by dislodging the worn tropes of the "Tarot reading", Vaughan hopes to discover whether or not he is a psychic conduit.


The performances will take place for exactly two hours before sunset, three days in a row.


Visitors to the gallery will be instructed to enter alone, and not to speak or otherwise communicate with Vaughan. Vaughan will not be visible and is not permitted to ask questions of the visitor. All facial cues, verbal cues, and other non-verbal cognitive transactions between "Reader" and "Receiver" will thus be made opaque to both parties.


The visitor will select three cards from a pile of assorted divinatory decks, divinatory cards both well-known and obscure. The visitor will not be able to see the horde of cards and will use his/her own intuition in choosing them from an opaque bowl.


By breaking up multiple divinatory decks and throwing them into a common (and occluded) lot, Vaughan seeks to negate the innate, hierarchical systems present in each deck as well as the act of "card shuffling" and how it determines the Receiver's psychic "readiness" and receptivity -- and, overall, to create a far more random selection of potential divinatory prompts for both the visitor and the reader.


Once selected, the visitor's cards will be delivered to Vaughan via a simple mechanical exchange, an obscured sliding door, and Vaughan will pronounce his reading of the cards to the visitor from behind a veiled space.


The end of the reading is signalled by Vaughan's returning of the cards, via the sliding door, to the visitor, who then must leave. The visitor takes away the given reading and decides for her/himself if Vaughan possesses psychic abilities, or does not. The visitor is free to relay their discoveries to the docent, or not.


Super-Diviner is the first instalment of Entreat, a three-part "physic investigation" project involving performance and the creation of divinatory objects. Parts two and three will manifest over the coming 12 months, in various locations.


About the artist: RM Vaughan is a Toronto-based artist and writer. He is the author of 9 books and hundreds of articles on culture. His collaborative video works play in festivals around the world. Please visit www.rmvaughan.ca




AUGUST 1 - 6, 2014


Opening reception August 1, 2014 from 7PM - 10PM

Gallery hours: noon - 5PM


Videofag is excited to premiere Jesi the Elder's animated "prophecy and music video" for Absolutely Free's 'Beneath The Air', alongside an art exhibit offering a behind the scenes look at Elder's hand painted animation.


After having spent 6 months apprenticing with the paranormal and surfing with the devil, come see what happened in over 3500 psychic paintings invoked by the Divine Spirit, and other stuff, frame by frame by frame by frame. Jesi The Elder in conversation with the a Holy Trinity and the Natural World in the backseat of Mexico.

So chilling it will hit you like a heat wave.